Bouldering League starts this weekend!

league-blue crimps-vs-slopers

Its that time of year again, and this time the best league in town is even better!  Running alongside the standard, turn up, climb some problems get some points system we all know and love this year, will be the Massive Monday events.  Running on The first Monday of each month will be a feature night with DJ, and a theme. The first of which is Crimps vs Slopers , we will be setting 10 of each style through the grade range, we also have a ballot box and the winning style gets another 10 of that style set in the next week.   As well as going into the league the feature comps AKA Massive Mondays will all be added together to form the “Champions League” With the overall winners being crowned King/Queen/Prince/Princess/ something else for old people.  Hopefully we can all come through another winter with our sanity intact.

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