Indy Aggregate Score Update 07/03/23

We’re nearly there! With the final Pillar set complete and going down well, here’s the last peak at the scores as they stand before we announce the winners of this year’s aggregate!

The Youth Male

Guto Brown171
Harry Cardwell129
Wren Ashcroft117
Kanishk Patil71
Morgan o61
sonny mitch59
Isacc Allison51
Ruben Crierie33
Meilir Jones30
Ellis Crierie6

The Youth Female

Catrin Simpson165
Seren Woodvine98
Francesca Norton84
Cara-lou Parry52
Cadi Rees51
Sophie Bucknole51
Lily Wright26
Ella Jo mac8
Willow Purnell7
Sky oliver5
Megan Woodvine0

Students Male

Cameron Wilkins266
Louis Owen207
Seth Hollingsworth191
Jacob Yates158
George Day120
chris nunn88
Jamie Fry60
jared humphries53
Carlos Barranco52
Lucas Satchwell48
Sam Ames44
ted turner20
lloyd Vaughan12
cian kircher4

Students Female

maisy lovatt138
Katy Affleck135
Beth Jones120
ania Kaczmarczyk75
aofie mitchell29
Sophie Richards19
Lauren Hughes14
Evie Kiernan13
Isabel Watts2

Students Non-Binary

Patrick Surguy43
Eccles Cakes25

Nobodies Male

Jonathan Hare279
Pete Herd267
will Oates249
dafydd llewellyn210
kris mcooey178
Jack Williams176
Jake Conway165
Dan Aberg155
Jay Sheppard155
Matt Barlow151
john robinson144
Jack Quinney133
ricky parry130
Matt Downes118
Ieuan Bradshaw110
Joe Franklin104
finn Mannion87
Ryan Griffiths68
Rhys – snakes- Morgan68
Andrew Hartley67
Owen King67
Alex handhold54
Zac Pierce49
Andy moles31
shaun morris29
Ed Bradshaw23
Iolo Hughes21
will nicholls1

Nobodies Female

Katie Maxwell278
Elin Lois237
Rachel parry219
Phoebe mcalpine148
Marni Birchall136
Buddug Hughes115
Katie Reynolds109
Jen Willis96
Jessica Fletcher87
Carys Burrows69
Cari Mair-Thomas55
Alys Jones51
Seren k-r29
lian crierie24
Amy meehan20
Robyn Venning20
Alana Evans17
Siwan Holloway16

Military Male

Danny Meehan259
Joe Hayman-joyce186
Chris White157
Daniel Bucknole143
will ames130
Joe Tidswell82
Cameron Hume72
Lewis Craven66
Alan Rodgers64

Military Female

Emily Muir42
Beth Roberts29

Vets Male

Tomos (Momo Signs)186
Ian Woodvine167
Geraint Simpson161
Andrew Norton136
jamie mac133
Dave R123
Gareth Jones118
Ryan Gibson85
Luke Farrar59
Phil Crierie25
Chris Wright9

Vets Female

Elin Jones84
Kath Woodvine83
Marion Cliffe0

Super Vets

Paul Griffiths153



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