The Indy Bouldering League

The best league in town is back! As the weather wouldn’t stop raining and we have reset the whole bouldering wall in the last 2 weeks we might as well put the numbers up and start the league!

For those of you who haven’t done it before and are wondering what I am on about, we put little numbers by everything we set between now and the end of February you get a sheet (voluntary donation!) and tick them off as you go. The sheet with the most ticks on wins, but in reality its not about winning.  For the majority this really is a participation event. To help spread the love and get the interest going we are sticking a raffle ticket to each sheet and will have a bonus prize every 2 weeks.  There main prizes will be given out to 1,2,3 in each category and the quality of the prize will reflect the quality of the competition!  There are 8 category’s in all from Miniatures (Primary School) to Super Vets (60+)

So far there are 75 problems on the wall, we have a list in the foyer which highlights the problems once they have come down, and we up date the scores as we move through the winter.  That is it really pretty simple concept hopefully it gets a few of you keen and helps stave of the winter blues!



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