thinking about getting STARTED ON THE ROPES?

What will this course cover?

- This course will cover the skills needed to safely use the roped climbs in our center.
- Correctly fitting a harness, tying into the rope, and controlling the safety rope (belaying) for the climber.
- Bouldering induction: how to use the bouldering wall & the associated risks.

Who is this course suitable for?

This course is suitable for any adults who would like to learn how to use the top rope climbs in our centre.
- This course is also suitable for parents or guardians hoping to learn how to belay and supervise their children while on the top rope walls.

How much will this course cost?

You MUST attend 3 sessions, you choose when!
- Each session costs £28
- The sessions are fully inclusive of all entry, instruction and equipment required while in centre.
- Great value! Entry with shoes and a harness normally costs £13.50 without any instruction.

What’s next?

- Click below to book your first session on Capitan.
- Once you’ve completed the course and gained the necessary competency level. We will be able to register you as a full member of the Indy.
- You will be able to stay on after your final session and keep climbing to consolidate all that you’ve learnt.
- You will be able to climb unsupervised in any area of the centre and supervise two U18’s or novices.
- You will have gained competency to register at other centres as an “unsupervised climber”.


Open the door climbing anywhere!

What will this course cover?

Over 3 sessions we will teach you how to lead climbs safely, which involves clipping the rope into quickdraws, as you climb. Correct lead belay technique, along with some problem avoidance and best practice tips.

Who is this course suitable for?

Suitable for a competent and experienced top rope climber, wanting to take their climbing further. Once complete this course will allow you to access the stepper climbs, or any climb without a top rope in place.

How much will this course cost?

£50 for all three hour and half sessions.

This is fully inclusive of entry, instruction and all equipment you'll need while in centre.

What’s next?

After 3 sessions you should have a solid grasp of lead climbing indoors. Now it's time to consolidate and perfect your technique. You have access to any climbing area at Indy and the staff are always on hand if you have any further questions.

Perhaps some development coaching will help you push your grade!

Expert Development COACHING

what will this session cover?

These are bespoke sessions with one of our coaches. Initially we'll have a chat about where you're at with climbing to try and understand what you want to work on.
Then we'll have a climb to see what you might be able to improve on.

We will focus on techniques, tactics, psychological factors and have a look at some elements of climbing specific conditioning.

Who is this course suitable for?

- Boulderers and route climbers.
- Beginners and experienced climbers, keen to get the most out of your sessions and improve your climbing technique and overall grade.

How much will this course cost?

- 1 participant £45
- 2 participants £65
- 3 participants £80

What’s next?

A short run of 2 or 3 sessions will help the most in your development as a climber.

We would recommend that booking a follow up session could be hugely beneficial to consolidating your initial coaching assessment.

BOOK Coaching here:

Phone: 01248 716 058 or fill out the form below:


    Just bring yourselves and a can do attitude! All gear is available for hire at INDY. Of course if you have your own gear then bring it along.
    Nope! We are here to teach you. Of course if you do know how to climb and you are after some advanced technique help then we will always be able to pass something new on that will help get you to the next stage in your climbing.
    Once you have booked a day on our calendar we will be back in touch with some times for you. Of course if you book over the phone we will let you know then.
    We all know climbing can be a risky business. Here at INDY we minimise the risk to a very safe level. You won't need insurance, but we will ask you to sign a form. If you are an experienced climber all we ask is that you can show us a couple of simple techniques. It is helpful to print and fill out the forms to get things moving more quickly when you get to the wall so you can download them below!