Expert Development COACHING

Get to your next level and beyond

We also offer high quality climbing training AND performance and technique coaching, all tailored to suit your needs at a time that suits you, to help you take your next step efficiently and safely.

Development coaching is a great way to improve your climbing and will have a positive impact on any climbing training you do so you can get those bucket list climbs done.

1 person £30

A 1.5 hour climbing training session with a qualified and experienced coach. Our coaches are top notch, really! They are local activists who you will eventually spot in climbing guidebooks if you have a keen eye.

Add £15 Per Extra Person

Up to a maximum of 4 people. We like to keep these climbing training sessions personalised & fun. Any more than 4 people and we start getting flustered!


thinking about getting into climbing?

Why not come along and try an INDY taster session? Maybe you have done a bit of climbing in the past and want a refresher? Maybe you have seen all those cool people hanging upside down on rocks and you want a piece of that? Maybe you just want to see what all the fuss is about?

Whatever your reasons are for trying climbing training, an INDY taster session is the perfect thing to cure your curiosity!

1 person £41

One on one special INDY climbing training introduction and instruction with some of the most enthusiastic and (or) experienced climbers you are likely to meet.

2 people £51

Two’s company and here at INDY we love company. Why not bring a friend or relative along. Maybe the pair of you want to get into climbing and are looking for the first step? This is it.

3 people £65

Get a crowd of yourselves down to INDY, it’s a great fun way for a group of you and your pals to see if climbing is for you. 1 in 3 people love climbing (actually we just made that up) EVERYONE DOES!

8+ people £10 per person

8 + People! Woah, that’s pretty much a party. A climbing party! The kind of party where you can hang around (pun intended) in a relaxed and stimulating environment, where you can begin your climbing training odyssey.


get your dyno on!

Bouldering is a sport in its own right now, but it still forms an essential part of climbing training.

Here at Indy Climbing Wall we are bouldering specialists. Our routes are set by some of the best boulderers in the UK and we like to keep it fresh by creating new boulder problems regularly.

1 person £15

An hour of bouldering induction from the guys who know bouldering best.

Instruction includes hire of kit to get you dynoing properly


Just bring yourselves and a can do attitude! All gear is available for hire at INDY. Of course if you have your own gear then bring it along.
Nope! We are here to teach you. Of course if you do know how to climb and you are after some advanced technique help then we will always be able to pass something new on that will help get you to the next stage in your climbing.
Once you have booked a day on our calendar we will be back in touch with some times for you. Of course if you book over the phone we will let you know then.
We all know climbing can be a risky business. Here at INDY we minimise the risk to a very safe level. You won’t need insurance, but we will ask you to sign a form. If you are an experienced climber all we ask is that you can show us a couple of simple techniques.

It is helpful to print and fill out the forms to get things moving more quickly when you get to the wall so you can download them below!



Phone: 01248 716 058 or fill out the form below: