Jon Ratcliffe, Owner & Operator

Jon has been running Indy Climbing Wall for longer than he would like to admit first as climbing wall manager before taking over as the Owner. During this time he has transformed the climbing wall from a Military facility to the friendly, caring, sharing environment it is today. As well as running the wall Jon coaches with the NWYCA, and is a local activist in most climbing disciplines.

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Dave Noden, Bouldering & Route setter

Dave has been here almost as long as Jon. What started out as a dream job with 13 hours of climbing a day was ruined by Jon turning Indy Climbing Wall into a real grown up business! But now he is old and has children it turns out that’s probably for the best. When he has the time you will find him skulking round the mountains of North Wales looking for new boulders to clean and climb. Having honed his skills in the Indy Climbing Wall he sets a bit too.

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Tim Peck, bouldering & route setter

Tim is the new boy having only been at Indy Climbing Wall for half a decade! Starting out covering holidays he covered more and more till he morphed into a full timer. If you end up swinging round like a gibbon the chances are you’re on a Tim problem! He’s a passionate boulderer who insists on going on big trips to places like South Africa. Dave is pretty sure he does this just to annoy him.

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Hanna Smith, Bouldering & Route Setter

New since 2016 is Hannah, an Indy affectionardo throughout her student days, she is now welcome new addition to Team Indy, both on the walls and behind the counter. One of those climbers who is a lot better than they realise, on her first attempt to set a 6c she set a 7b+, and with hyper mobile knees her problems look set to give us all a few problems…although we will try to reign her in. Fortunately, she seems to be injury prone so perhaps the holds won’t be too small and she’ll go easy on us. Coming from the Tim school of holidays, Hannah is another one that insists on annoying Dave by going to places he hasn’t been. This year she’s set to go to Hampi to discover the secrets of the bouldering shamans, and hopefully bring back plenty of inspiration to put to use in the wall.

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Ryan, bouldering & route setter

Ryan slipped into Team Indy by standing still for too long when we needed an instructor. He proved to be a very talented instructor indeed and so before he knew it he’d quit his old job to work with us more. He then failed to get out of the way when Jon needed someone to wash all the holds before a big competition, and thus from there he has moved on to covering the counter and helping out when we’re busy. At 6 foot 4 inches he’s got even bigger reach than Dave, but currently isn’t planning on going anywhere that would make Dave jealous.

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climber run

Indy Climbing Wall is a climber run and customer lead modern climbing facility. We pride ourselves on our friendly relaxed atmosphere and high quality route and boulder problem setting throughout the grades.

one on one or groups

We also offer high quality indoor climbing instruction AND performance and technique coaching, all tailored to suit your needs at a time that suits you, to help you take your next step efficiently and safely.

expert route setting

Over 30 individual lead belays, most set with two routes. Over 25 individual top ropes, most set with two routes. Over 65 boulder problems. Beginners/ kids routes area including a slabs.

training tips & gear

Training area with multiple campus boards (inc blobs and foot on), multiple finger boards,bar, and various other training paraphernalia. Instructional areas for top rope, lead and set up practice, inc ground level clips and anchors.


we love climbing at indy too

we also go outdoors occasionally

If you have any questions about taster sessions, what our indoor routes and boulder problems are like, even what kind of tea we serve then please get in touch. Either click below or give us a call on 01248 716 058

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