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We are moving swiftly towards the spring, the clocks will move back the sun is shining on some days at any rate! We are also fast approaching what we call competition season, the weekly setting and rotations don’t work anymore and things whip up and down at race pace. Our first one this year is the AMA Bouldering Championships. This will be happening on Friday and Saturday this week.

To try and minimise disruption to you our dear customers we will be stripping the wall in sections. Tomorrow the circuit board the front face will be taken down, but don’t worry we have added a few more problems to the barrel and back face, and in a change of heart to last week we will now be adding League number tags to the problems on those faces.

So to recap, this Saturday coming we are closed till around 4pm, there will be some setting disruption on Thursday and Friday. Lots of problems will go but many more newer ones will appear.

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