INDY OPEN 2023 Full Results

The full results from this years Indy Open competition are in! Thank you to everyone who took part and contributed to the amazing friendly atmosphere this weekend. It was great to see everyone getting stuck into all of the problems.

Big thanks go out to; Ben and Ryan for helping get the wall stripped, Imke, Beth and Tom for providing such excellent service on the counter while the setting team got busy. Big thanks to the setting team, Jon, Olly and Ben who came up with 30 great problems, that you might not normally see at Indy.

Thanks to our photographer Dave Willis who was busy getting these great shots of folk having fun and the wall looking great.

Without further ado, here’s the results!

Mini Wads Male:

Harry Cardwell, Joseph Greening,  Alfie Thwaytes.

Mini Wads Female:

Eleri Williams, Maggie Williams, Francesca Norton, Megan Woodvine.

Junior Wads Male:

Guto Brown

Student Male:

Elliot Verry, James Williams, Ted Turner, Cameron Wilkins, Louis Owen, Ed Roome, Ed Ford, Alex Bostock, Owen Vaughan, Jacob Yates, Aiden Blake, Luned Roberts, Luke Dowber, Fred Ponce, Alex Paterson.

Student Female:

Katy Affleck, Jess Bibby, Lydia Debrett, Ferrida Ponce, Rhiannon Elfyn, Katie Baddiley, Sam Wale.

Student Non-Binary:

Patrick Surguy

Nobodies Male:

Olaf Scudamore, Brad Reed, Sorle Hayward, Will Oates, Peter Herd, Tim Peck, Prowess, Cal, Joe Franklin, Greg, Fabio Messori, Gui T, Jonathan Hare, Gui P, Ryan Griffiths, Adrian Meacher, Chris Ripper, Dafydd Llywelyn, Alun Morris, Finn Mannion, Kyle Scott, Ashley Beynon, Jake Conway, Matt O, Meredydd Walker, Andrew Hartley, Sam Rock, Jamie Gittins, Jamie Thorpe.

Nobodies Female:

Elin Lois, Rachel Parry, Michelle Wardle, Jess Szekely, Phoebe McAlpine, Amelia Bath, Charlie,  Eva Voma.

Vets Male:

Dave R, Caio, Gareth Jones, Henry Griffiths, Ian Woodvine, Warren Cardwell, Andrew Norton, Ian Roberts.

Vets Female:

Serinde, Kath Woodvine.

Super Vets Male:

Paul Griffith.


For a full breakdown of the scores please check out the spreadsheet below.

Please note: Scoring for the competition works like this, In each age/gender category, each problem is worth 1000 points. The 1000 points are divided by the number of ascents the problem has during the comp, this gives the final value in points each problem is worth. If no one else did one problem you did in your category, that might be all you needed to win! This explains why the final scores are non-linear and there are some bizarre decimal values.

Well done to everyone who took part!

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