Sorry about the delay with the scores everyone. We were planning on getting them done on the day before the wall closed at 6 but we were not expecting such an amazing turn out and didn’t have time to process all 110 score sheets!! Thank you all for coming in and crushing the Indy in fine style on such a beautifully sunny day! We were all very touched!


Prizes will be at the wall for you to pick up 🙂


Nobodies Male

1st Mikey Goldbibble 4570.5
1st Angus 4570.5
2nd Wolf 4508
3rd Rhys Edwards 4237.1
4th Tom Hudson 2837.1
5th Kieran King 2400.3
6th James Cooper 2336.8
7th Greg Flynn 2261.7
8th Nicholas Higgins 1837.5
9th Owain 1764.1
10th Steve Daniels 1541.1
11th Lee Barrez 1416.8
12th Kyle Gillchrist 1180.9
13th Ash Payne 1167.8
14th Ricky Parry 1116.6
15th Stu Jones 1102
16th Drew 1083.9
17th Josh Johnson 924.87
18th Ben Clarke 912.51
19th Heddwyn Bye 859.84
20th Ifan Roberts 858.26
21st Brendon Zyborski 805.31
22nd Ian Jones 736.04
23rd Ian 580.06
24th Roshan 578.08
25th Joe Waskeioiohsfio 391.6
26th Jo Mcgregor 358.36


Nobodies Female

1st Sophie Wilson 10948
2nd Kate  Bomphrey 9448
3rd Sophie Wilmes 6221.8
4th Laura Perry 4364.7
5th Montana Hall 3781.3
6th Bek Reynolds 1248
7th Steph 1164.7
8th Lovely Lisa 1004
9th Sam King 819.44


Students Male

1st Daniel Hobbs 8095.8
2nd Warren 5534.7
3rd Adrian Meacher 3859.4
4th Cameron Ray 3341.1
5th Defyn Evans 3218
6th Tom Walshe 3041.8
7th Lok Man Cheung 2945.4
8th Ben Walley 2629.1
9th Adam Curry 2451.3
10th Fin Orrey 2360.5
11th Matt Cox 1809.3
12th George Wall 1527.2
13th Jonathan Heve 1362.1
14th Dan Bullock 854.93
15th Ollie Armstrong 724.81
16th Will Dixon 575.72
17th Ben Mason 235.7
18th Rhys Meredith 173.2


Students Female

1st Air 19068
2nd Tasha 5067.9
3rd Lucy Beighn 1984.5
4th Mellisa Craig 1609.5
5th Alycia Blackwell 1484.5
6th Eleanor Budden 1451.2
7th Elin Thompson 1284.5
8th Aija 725
9th Alyce 475
10th Bethany Barnes 350
11th Imogen Hammond 250
12th Kate Leather 250


Military Male

1st Ross Penver 11333
2nd Brains 9333.3
3rd Benjamin 4333.3


Upper School Male

1st Jack pearce 14130
2nd Bryn Berkely 8179.8
3rd Iolo Tossell 6129.8
4th Osian Milner 3846.4
5th Will Pearce 3629.8
6th Jacob Davies 2670.2
7th Steffan Hughes 1813.1
8th Owen Vaughan 851.19


Upper School Female

1st Maisy Lovatt 12500
2nd Ella Baker 5000
3rd Isabel Newman 3500


Junior Male

Jamie Steele 32000

Vet Male

1st Lew Lovatt 12000
2nd Wyn Williams 8000


Miniatures Male

1st Adam Meziane-Joynson 9000


You’re all winners to us!


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