Indy Open Competition Round Up!

This year was a year like no other!  

Following such a successful aggregate over the winter months, the bar was set high. With the help of guest setter Zoe Wood, we set 35 standout boulders from F3+ to F8a.

Our setting day turned out to be pretty epic! All together we set, tested and tweaked for 17 hours, determined to get everything just right, finishing at 1.30AM!

Thanks to Ray Wood for the pictures of the team setting. You can check out his Instagram account here.

The stage was set!

 Comp day was a huge success, with over 180 entries from competitors aged from 12 to 50+ the atmosphere was amazing. A totally inclusive feel throughout the day was created by everyone, psyched to help each other out, regardless of the difficulty, or number of attempts.

One of the most popular aspects about our open competition is the format. No pressure to flash or complete the boulder in a few tries. It all comes down to how many ascents each boulder gets through the day.

Big thanks to everyone who took part, you really made the competition what it was! We’re already looking forward to next year…

A big thanks to Dave Willis for these shots. Be sure to check his website out here, drop him an email for any photography needs.

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