Indy Pendence

Indy Pendence (Top rope course)

The course will be run with one of our best and most experienced instructors in a friendly and relaxed manner.

The proposed start date is next Wednesday February 6th, at 6.30pm until 8pm, then the same for the following two weeks, giving 3 sessions of 1.5 hrs, maximum instructor ration will be 1:6. You will need to be able to attend all three sessions.

Please get in touch to book either by email or phone (tel 01248 716 058) to secure your place, as well as the awesome benefit of 1 MONTHS FREE ENTRY TO ALL COURSE MEMBERS to help get you going after the course is completed! We will take a small deposit of £15 at the same time, this can be done over the phone or if you prefer please feel free to pop into the wall where we can do this at reception.

Course cost is at the discounted price of £75.00 and includes ALL kit hire including shoes, and ONE MONTHS FREE ENTRY to Indy after course completion.

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