Massive Monday, first round!

Winter is coming, so they say. This year to help us all through, we have decided to hold a series of Monday evening competitions. The plan is to hold 5 themed comps, one on the first Monday of each month. The first round was slopers v crimps, a strange choice you might think, but given the graffiti on the back of the toilet door its a question that demands an answer!

With 23 of the finest problems set the title race got off to a slow start, There was quite a lot of wheel spinning off the line, and for a while it looked as though the problems had all been set so you could either flash them or not touch them, oh dear not ideal for a competition!  Slowly but surely though people started to get stuck in to the ones they couldn’t flash in the hopes of making the difference through completion points or bonus scores.  An early lead was held by Kieran Forrest, as he spotted the sneaky toehook beta and unlocked the green crimps on the front face, Indy’s very own Timmy was working out the sloper problem on the back face to bring his score up.  At the time I watched as a few folk got a sequence I hadn’t expected with a toe above their head to press out the blobs, at the time I was disappointed thinking I had missed something so obvious. Now having tried that sequence you were wrong the deadpoint is far, far, easier not to mention cooler!  In the old boys category it was looking like a cakewalk for Ray Wood, although his youngest daughter Ruby was talking the big talk that she was going to beat him!  The women’s category was fairly close between the dirty beaconeer Charlie, with Sophie and Abi of the NWYCA snapping at her heels, particularly impressive was Abi on the big red pinches as she cunningly took a grade or so off the problem with some deft guppy work, and Charlie’s working out the green on the front without the toe hook, although she made the moves the link remained evasive. Then the late arrivals came Wolf in his second week of climbing after a multi month lay off, came in with 2 hours to go and beat the young guns in a fairly casual manor,  while old man Godber slid in to eat Rays cake.

So there we go, 1st rounds gone, the series will continue through the winter and we will take the best four score to crown King/Queen/Prince/Princess of the Indy.  The next Massive Monday will be on  November the 7th, the theme is still to be confirmed.  Slopers won the vote, although it does seem likely there was some skulduggery so the executive decision is to set mainly slopers but a few extra crimp lines too

Thanks to all of you who came, to Arthur for his toons, and to Craig for his help with the setting and testing.

The Results…

All blokes
1st Wolf 211
2nd Kieran Forest 208
3rd Timmy 206
4th Rhys 202
5th Pedro Di Brenina 201
5th Ewan 201
5th Brad 201
6th Andy Godber 195
7th Ray Wood 172
8th Andrew Parry 170
9th Max Dickes 164
10th Kai Scudamore 162
11th Archie Ball 157
12th Terry Cox 154
13th Jacob 146
14th Ben Walley 127
15th Matt Peach 109
16th Matt Wright 100
17th Oliver Hayes 95
18th Owain Pierce 70
19th David Walley 30

All Girls
1st Charlie Torrance 182
2nd Sophie Wilson 173
3rd Abi Henderson 163
4th Hannah Swann 150
5th Ruby Wood 144
6th Charlotte Milner 110
7th Lucy Swann 100
8th Georgia Williams 47

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