Price Changes at Indy!

As mentioned on a previous post we are changing our prices here at Indy. It’s not something we decide lightly and we pride ourselves with being one of the best value climbing walls in the country. But having not raised our prices for over 4 years (unlike most walls) and with increasing costs it’s well over due. We will still offer great value for money, cheaper than any of our ‘competitors’ and as ever we will strive to offer you one of the best indoor climbing venues you can experience. Please see below, effective from today:

Civilian Adult – £8.00
Student – £7.00
U14 yrs – £5.50
MOD Concession – £4.50 
(This remains unchanged and is to include all non-JSMTC mil personnel and Nuffield guests)
Lunchtime (1200 -1400) – £5.50

In addition and by popular demand we will now offer 10 entry passes as follows:

Civilian Adult: £72.00
Student: £63.00

IE: One session free!

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  1. cheaper than any of our ‘competitors’ Bangor Uni = £6.50 – New Boat House Climbing = £5.00 – yes but cheaper then Beacon – PYB – not sure

    Indy is brilliant and worth £8.00 – however for beginners like me who might get knackered or run out of skill after 45 min then £8.00 is a lot.

    Can I politely point out I think your system is open to fraud! Especially the monthly card. Does anyone ever double check? I could quiet easily copy mine. I have only had mine 1 month so i havent 🙂 . But its looked at but no one double checks. You must have so many people coming and going.

    Finally if my maths is right then a 33% increase!

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