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We have a few new things in the Indy emporium.

Secret Stuff from Friction Labs

First up is a new liquid chalk from those wizards at Friction Labs. This works like all the other liquid chalks, but with a difference… That’s right it works better! In my personal unscientific test, I found I could have a full fingerboard session with just a couple of rubs.  This avoidsesretstuffed the iterating bit of my more recent finger boarding sessions when a toddler throws a chalk bucket across my living room. Its also the only liquid chalk I have ever used that powders off.

The price tag of £9 for 750ml did have one of our customers joking that it should be called “Tears of a Unicorn” and indeed it is much more expensive than the competition. Edelrid is £6 for 100ml, Rock Technologies £4 for 100ml or £6.50 for 250ml, however personally I have only ever needed to use this type of stuff in extremis as they say, so hopefully it will last a little while!  Here is a promotional video from The good people themselves where they talk in more depth about the product.




Tenaya Inti

estado_criticoWe have a new shoe added to our range from Tenaya. I like Tenaya, in fact everyone that has brought a pair off me likes Tenaya too. I assume the boy wonder Alex Megos likes Tenaya as well. This can only be a good sign, as he seems to be really quite good at this climbing business.

Joining the Masai and Oasi we have the Inti.  Its a funny shoe in as much as it is designed as a performance shoe but because of the relativity neutral heel, it gives a relaxed fit. In fact it has been reviewed in a group test of all day comfortable shoes by UKC,  it was highly recommended by them, and it was actually a pair of these that Megos did the worlds first 9a on-site in.

Scarpa Velocity Wms


We have also added the Scarpa Velocity V Women’s shoe to the smaller sizes of this already popular shoe. With a great last and good edging ability combine to give an outstanding all day shoe.







Also got the Magic wood guide and the 2016 edition of the 1966 classic Rock climbers in Snowdonia.


Magic Wood - Bloc Bouldering guide

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