The £1 Double Side of paper that will transform your climbing!

Where can I get one of these, you ask?

Don’t worry, we’ve got the answer. The Indy Aggregate is back.

For those who are unfamiliar with the term aggregate, it describes a whole, formed by combining many separate elements.

In this case, the separate elements are the weekly resets of our bouldering faces. As an aggregate they make up a sprawling, autumn and winter competition between our members.

Here’s what to look out for:

Aggregate Competition sheet
The transformational £1 paper

Step 1:

Ask at the desk for an aggregate sheet, pay just £1.
Fill out the top of your sheet with name, gender and tick your age category.

Step 2:

Check out our sponsors.
This year we have DMM, Beta Climbing Designs, Tenaya, Scarpa and Boreal. This is an unreal level of sponsorship. They’ll be helping us with prizes this year which means the competition is even more fierce.

Step 3:

Get Ticking. All aggregate problems have a white number tag. Once you’ve completed the boulder, put a tick in the “sent” column.

Problem No. 30 in the aggregate. Grade 7a.

Extra Knowledge:

This year we’ve included a column for grade and personal comments. Feel free to write in these! Hopefully this space helps us gather any extra feedback on our setting and grading. We will count up the scores each month and post them so you know how you’re doing against your friends or family!

I’m new to climbing, what’s in it for me?

Firstly, we are running a monthly raffle so everyone is in with a chance of a winning something.

But, ok, good point. It’s a competition, not everyone can win. But, how are you defining success in this competition?

The real winners here are the ones who use this sheet as an opportunity to target the climbs they haven’t done and to push their grade.
Maybe you’ve missed a problem amongst the 150 problems that are already set!
Or, maybe you’ve skipped past it because it’s on the slab, and you’re no good on the slab. Or its on slopers and they’re your worst hold type!

Either way, honing in on these skills will make you a better all round climber. We’re certain that once the spring rolls round, you’ll be a sloper crushing, slab dancing guru. Unstoppable out there on the warm summer rock. But for now, the plastic is hot. Get down to the Indy and ask the staff for the £1 double sheet of paper which will transform your climbing.

For further info check out our pinned Instagram story over at @indyclimbingwall

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